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Program Outcomes


TED University, Master of Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS) Graduate Program aims to prepare intellectually qualified graduates will

  • Analyze and evaluate topics of architecture and urban studies, research areas, and practices within a critical perspective, an interdisciplinary approach, and in a creative way.
  • Develop innovative research and projects.
  • Become experts who develops intellectual capacity, thinks through concepts by interweaving theory and practice, with internalized universal ethical principles.
  • Develop a position within a space-time focused approach; elaborate space in a multi-layered way with its constituent elements and conceive time within the continuity of past and future.
  • Define peculiar and genuine problems on solid theoretical, conceptual, and thematic grounds; utilise technology to constitute melting pots that enhance sensitivity to social issues. 
  • Affirm and pursue ‘design by research’ and ‘research by design’ approaches in a mutual manner. Develop content and form in an interactive way within a spectrum of creative representation techniques.
  • Provide diverse ways of apprehension on space and time at the intersection of arts and technology, especially via media arts.



TED University, Master of Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS) Graduate Program graduates will have

  1. Knowledge-basis with interdisciplinary openness.
  2. Skills, capacities, abilities in terms of creative thinking and critical perspectives.
  3. Design abilities and capabilities based on theoretical knowledge within analytical and algorithmic forms.
  4. Communication skills both for individual expression and effective team collaboration.
  5. Knowledge of space, place, and time in contextual frames.
  6. Researcher capacity with qualitative and quantitative techniques through concepts and analysis of measurable-comparable data.
  7. Professional responsibility and research ethics.
  8. Academic and professional techniques, skills, and tools
  9. Diverse ways of seeing, open to artistic and technological developments.